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  • ADR Centre Co-ordinator shall join the Rajagiri team for conducting programmes in the scheduled areas as identified. By end of January both shall organize 20 programmes on an experimental basis to get the feel. In the initial 10 programmes, the Co-ordinator shall personally attend and co-ordinate the event. Further specific hands on training shall be provided to the Rajagiri Co-ordinators in Mediation and ADR Management. This shall facilitate and equip them to conduct and organize ADR Classes and awareness drives on their own. For this purpose ADR Centre shall share its resource bases and training materials and a time frame involved for that. The materials include flyers, posters, forms and other leaflets.
  • The trained personnel’s shall then conduct or organize programmes on a monthly basis. ADR Centre shall facilitate all kinds of assistance to the same. The Centre is open to extend its office to the place decided by Rajagiri.
  • The programmes can be an extension of the Rajagiri outreach programmes with 20-30 minutes allocated for ADR awareness.
  • Rajagiri and ADR Centre shall also organize ADR Centered programmes at the indentified places. It can also be a two day session with the first day as an introductory session and the second day with orientation and training of persons. Volunteers can be nominated from the group of persons with specific orientation provided to them.
  • For all programmes, a register shall be kept for entering the total number of participants including their contact address. Feedback and grievance redressal forms duly filled by the participants shall be forwarded to the Centre after each programme. All queries shall be addressed by ADR Centre’s personnel and in fit cases through the Rajagiri personnel’s.
  • Proper follow up will be done after each programme. Depending upon the response, Region wise programmes can be clubbed together and an Adalat can be conducted to redress the grievances affecting the people of the said localities. A panel of mediators and experts shall be constituted for the said purpose.
  • For the programme, in addition to the people of that locality the Muncipality/Panchayath head shall be invited. Renowned persons living in the area shall also be invited with maximum publicity giving emphasize on the purpose of such an endeavour. In case any other issues are to be highlighted, then it shall also be included in the programme schedule. For Eg: AIDS Awareness, Swine Flu awareness etc.

Programme schedule

  • Brief introduction of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Law and its impact in society with insight into the existing situation
  • Legal Awareness
  • Presentation on ADR
  • Queries from the audience
  • Distribution of leaflets, brochures and flyers
  • Discussion
  • End

Orientation training class- 4 hours

  • Understanding about ADR with special emphasis on Mediation
  • History of Mediation
  • Process of Mediation
  • Settlement Agreement and various facets of the process
  • Mock Mediation Session
  • Learning’s
  • Discussions
  • Selection of Volunteers

Volunteer training programme

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