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Taking ADR to the Common Man
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The Finishing School for Law Students Course which was intended to broaden the horizon of a law student came to an end on February 28th, 2010. With an impressive array of resource persons drawn from various fields like Law, Politics, Press, Social science etc, it was a treat for the students. The sessions were entertaining with active interactions with the students on variety of topics. The Course was dovetailed to provide unique insights to a law student different from the academic lines taught in the Colleges. The ‘Reality speaking’ classes had the students experience the innumerable options in studying law. The course indeed facilitated the process of ‘Moulding the future lawyer’.

Prof Bhasker Iyer of TIME handled the language part with stress on Accent Neutralization and Voice Modulation. Prof KC Abraham moderated the interview and public speaking sessions with individual review of students. Mr Nandakumar Menon, DGM of Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy took sessions on Time Management with his Motivational class arousing the interest of the students. Mr Dominic Presentation, MLA provided insights into the law from the Legislators point of view while Prof ES Francis stressed on the values of Expression in art and public life. Mr D.Dhanuraj redefined the views of the students on Public Policy invoking the students to a different level of thought. Ms Zarine Habeeb, Harvard Law Graduate spoke on the Higher education options in law which was informative to the students. Adv Bechu Kurian introduced the Art of Advocacy to the students stressing on practical issues confronting a lawyer. An interactive session with the Living Legend Justice VR Krishna Iyer was one of the highlights of the course. The final session by noted Legal Columnist Mr Scaria Meledam, Indian Express highlighted the role of Media in development of the judicial process was a fit end to the inspiring course which was made memorable by the diligent students contributing to the sessions.

ADR Centre is conceiving inviting applications for its second batch from the encouraging views of the students who participated in the course. The Centre would be inviting thought provoking faculties for the course which can enthuse the students and make them capable to face the realities of the profession.

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