Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre A Centre for Public Policy Research Initiative


ADR Centre provides Internship opportunities to students from all colleges. The Centre is keen to develop the academic levels of students through Research works, Presentations and case studies.

Interns shall sent their resume to with a small writing of his/her interest on ADR in a maximum of 150 words. You can either select topics of your choice for Internship or can chose from the following topics:

  • Indian legal system – on the threshold of a market liberalisation with ADR as the catalyst policy.
  • Indian Judiciary and ADR – a financial analysis      
    1. ADR component in Indian Financial market
    2. Share of ADR in commercial and corporate disputes and its monetary accrual.
    3. Item wise classification and share in GDP  
    4. Emergence of ADR market and its share in market
    5. Emerging locations and players – their assets and market valuation
    6. Summary – ADR market in India by 2015, 2020 and 2025.
  • Evaluation and success rate of Lok Adalats in India
  • ADR systems in Banking and Telecom sectors


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